Catch the Vision

Principal: Mike Roberts

Catch the Vision

Principal: Mike Roberts

Daily Safety Protocols for In-Person Learning at CHS





Daily Safety Protocols for In-person Learning at Centennial High School

Returning to school in the face to face mode is something that we have all been looking forward to since last March. It also presents challenges. It is the goal to keep our CHS community as safe as possible. In order to do this, we will all need to step into the circle and follow the guidelines and processes.  Once we move to Phase 3 (Nov. 11), it will be important that we all do everything we can to prevent one person from getting sick with COVID so that we all remain safe, and so that we are all able to continue to come to school.

The following guidance has been collected from various sources within the district:

  • Students will come to school (in-person learning) on their assigned A/B schedule (Check Parent/Student Vue or with your counselor if you are unsure of your group).
  • Students will be expected to log in on time, be in the moment, participate and produce for both in-person and remote learning days; teachers will provide detailed information as to the specific requirements according to their class norms.
  • Anyone entering the building must be symptom-free:
    • Fever, Cough, Loss of sense of Taste/Smell, Muscle Aches, Sore Throat, Diarrhea, or Vomiting
  • The building will not open for students until 7:50 am and temperatures will be checked as students arrive.
  • Everyone will be expected to follow the 3 W’s: Wash your hands, Wear a mask, and Watch your distance,
  • Visitors (non PSD employees) are allowed on a limited basis, need appointments, must be symptom free, and will have their temperature checking when entering the building. Call 488-4944 to set a meeting through Kim.  

Attendance - Because of the expectations to stay home when you are ill, even with minor symptoms, and the compounding impact of issues students may have and will experience with remote learning, we will follow the following norms for hexter 3:

  • Attendance will be taken daily at the beginning of each period for all students, both those attending in person and those attending remotely.
  • Students will be marked present if they are in attendance in-person or are actively participating in remote learning expectations: assignments, an online discussion, or completes an assignment.
  • Students will be marked absent if they are not present for in-person cohort days or are not actively participating in remote learning instructions according to the class norms.  Students are expected to communicate with each teacher regarding any reason they cannot meet the norm for the class.
  • Students that leave school with illness and/or COVID related symptoms will follow the PSD protocol for safety and health reasons. The chart included explains the steps for three levels of symptoms.  
  • Dragons are expected to use their skills and to communicate with both the teacher and the Dean as needed for attendance purposes.
  • Two unexcused tardies equal one absence.
  • On the 4th absence without communication with teachers, students will be dropped from the class if it is a bookend class (1st or 5th periods).
  • If a student receives their fourth absence in per 2, 3, 4 only, they may lose more than one class as they cannot have a hole in their schedule.
  • The expectation for all students is that they attend, stay engaged, and produce work daily regardless if they are in person or remote:
    • Students will be responsible for making up the coursework within a reasonable amount of time according to the classroom norms.
  • Teachers will document attendance and any course agreements made with students.
  • If teachers are concerned about a student’s lack of production, participation, or follow-through on attendance agreements made, they will send the student to the Dean for problem-solving. 


  • All students, staff, and visitors with appointments will be required to wear a mask that covers mouth and nose while in the buildings.
  • Students can remove their mask when outside and 6’ apart or when eating in designated areas.
  • A mask will be provided if a student forgets.
  • Staff will redirect students for non-compliance with masks. Refusal to wear a mask can result in a student going home for the day.

Entering & Exiting the building

  • Students can enter the building beginning at 7:50 am and must leave campus after their last period.
    • Please arrive on campus no more than 5-10 minutes before class starts.
    • Students will need to leave campus directly after their last class unless a meeting has been arranged with staff.
    • Students are not allowed to congregate/hang out on school grounds or in sight of the building.
  • Masks and distancing are required once we have stepped into the building.
  • In the morning, students will enter through the main door, or the main entrance (east side) of the west wing and will enter the science and art rooms through the exterior classroom door for periods 2-5.
  • When students arrive at CHS, please enter the building, and move straight to class; gathering on the west side of the building or entering someone’s car is not permitted.

Passing periods

  • Students/staff will be asked to keep to the right side of the hall when moving through the school.
  • Students must maintain six feet distance while in the hallways, brief visiting will also follow this distance rule. The floors are marked with correct spacing.
  • Three (3) students will be allowed in the bathrooms at one time, students waiting will stand 6 ft apart.
  • Six-foot spacing must be maintained in CHS. It is important to maintain a safe distance with masks on any time we are inside the building. Masks may be removed outside while keeping a 6-foot distance.
  • Use the sanitizer located by the bottle fill stations before and after pushing the bottle fill button.


  • We will all work together as a community to complete the necessary tasks to keep things clean and sanitized.
  • Staff and students will wash or sanitize their hands when entering classrooms.
  • Shared materials:
    • Students will clean any shared materials used during class after use and before another student uses materials: keyboard, mouse, cords, art supplies, tools, safety equipment, etc. Spray and wipe with towels will sanitize.
  • At the end of class:
    • Students can help spray/and wipe down their desk/chair surfaces, wipe with paper towels, throw the towels away.
    • Students will wash or sanitize hands prior to departing the classroom.
  • Classroom surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly every evening
  • Students will need to come to classes prepared with their masks, laptops notebooks, paper, pens, etc.

Lunch & Breakfast

  • Students will select a place to eat the first day of the hexter, and then sit in that same place for the remainder of the hexter. Sitting in the same seat every lunch is mandatory as a safety measure as well as used in the event of a positive test result (contact tracing). 
  • Lunch will be eaten in the west building or outside only. The gym and hallway will be available, and any picnic table outside is okay. Outside eaters need to keep 6 feet distance and pick up your trash, following our culture norms (Wilderness Rule). 
  • All prepared food will be picked up by students in individual pre-packed bags from the lunch counter in the gym.
  • Please select your seat for lunch and continue to eat in that spot for the remainder of the hexter.
  • No lunches will be eaten in the main building. Entrance to the main building will be open five minutes before the fourth period (bell). ALL students will leave the main building during lunch.
  • Any food ordered from outside of the school must be prepaid, arrive during the lunch period, and will be placed on a pickup table to be eaten in the west building. Outside vendor food will not be allowed to be eaten in classrooms.


  • Desks/tables will be set up facing the same direction and 6 feet apart.
  • Students and teachers must keep their masks on during class.
  • Laptop or charger can be borrowed from Mike for the day. 
  • Accurate seating charts will be kept (students will pick a seat and sit in the same one each day) will be maintained to aid in contact tracing.
  • Please allow students to use the bathroom as needed from the classroom to lessen the crowds during passing periods.
  • Students will keep any material(s) that are handed out; paper, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Students will use the sanitizer when entering a classroom, and before/after touching surfaces that others will touch: pencil sharpeners, monitors, textbooks, etc.
  • Students will remain seated unless permission to move about is given by the teacher.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting chairs and desks will happen at the end of each class period before the bell rings. The spray is wiped and dries quickly. No more than 2-3 is needed. Students may help with this work (see the section above).
  • A covered water bottle is allowed in the classrooms, no outside vendor food is allowed in classrooms.
  • Students can bring their own snacks from home and cannot share.
  • Textbooks are checked out to a student and need to be taken home each day unless the text can be accessed online.
  • Teachers and students will spend time discussing the at-home learning requirements, expectations. Time spent planning on this is in order to be prepared for alternating days and in the event we are not permitted to come to school due to COVID outbreak.
  • Students must keep current with emails for up to date daily information

If someone becomes ill at school:

  • Students/staff will undergo initial screening at school, teacher screen first, then send to the office with a phone call to the office “I am sending….”
  • Health tech, school nurse, and Health Center will triage to determine next steps.
  • Students will be isolated in an isolation room (202) until pick up can happen.  Phone calls will be made for pickup or decision made to be allowed to drive themselves home. We are asking that students can leave campus in an appropriate and quick response matter and seek medical advice and/or care. There is always the chance the student stays at school if symptoms are not illness related.
  • The CHS COVID Response Team (Mike-Kim-Jessica) will respond with next steps.
  • If symptoms are illness related, student or staff will need to stay off campus until the person meets the Return to Learn qualifications.  (See chart)
  • Decisions will be made on each case to support the person with symptoms with empathy, and to keep the health of the CHS community in mind.
  • Contact tracing will include: who they sit by in class, where they sit at lunch, who they have been in close contact with for more than 15 minutes.
  • Decisions will be made by PSD COVID officials, LCHD, Darcie Votipka on additional quarantining.

For more information:


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