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To: FRCC All
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:29:50 AM
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Dear Colleagues,
I know that many of you are concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak and its possible impact on
you, your loved ones, students, and employees. I have outlined below several steps we will take
immediately to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on campus but still find ways to support students in
completing their academic programs. While we have not had any known cases of the novel
coronavirus among students or staff, the recent spread of COVID-19 in Colorado suggests is it better
to act now. We know that the most important way to reduce risk is social distancing, which is
guiding our plan. Similar steps are being taken by other CCCS colleges.
For the week of March 16, we will cancel classes at the Westminster (WC) and Boulder County
Campuses (BCC) to allow faculty and instructors time to prepare to transition to remote delivery.
We will take the normal spring break for those campuses beginning March 23. We will provide more
information in the next day or two on ways to use the week of the 16th to prepare, including
training opportunities.
For the week of March 23, we will cancel classes at the Larimer Campus for one week to allow
faculty and instructors time to prepare to transition to remote delivery. (We will take the normal
Larimer spring break the week of March 16.)
Starting March 30, we will deliver the majority of our coursework via remote delivery on all
campuses. Each discipline will have flexibility on exactly how to deliver courses, but we anticipate
most courses will use online delivery or videoconferencing. We anticipate continuing remote
delivery for the remainder of the semester but we will continue to monitor the course of the virus.
Campuses will remain open through the end of the semester to allow access to critical hands-on
labs for courses that cannot reasonably transition completely to remote delivery. We will generally
ask courses to limit labs to eight or fewer students at a time and to maintain social distancing in
labs. There may be exceptions to the eight-student cap in some instances.
Allied Health and Nursing students may continue to complete their clinicals as deemed appropriate
by department chairs and in consultation with our health care partners.
We also will continue to provide students access to computers on campus to support students
who do not have computers or internet access. We are still working out the exact protocols to allow
students on campus but keep the risks low; the protocols will likely include limiting the number of
students in a computer lab at one time and frequent cleaning. Note that this will mean that we will
need to limit use of the testing centers, but campuses may develop alternative plans for proctored
tests if they can maintain social distancing.
Student Services: At this point, we will continue to maintain student services on our campuses at
current levels, but we will begin evaluating that carefully this week. Our intention is to allow more
remote work but still maintain key services for students.
Very Important - Flexibility for Sick Students: We have directed students who are ill to stay home
and contact their doctor, but they are becoming increasingly nervous about their ability to complete
coursework if they do so. For students who are ill and are not able to attend, even in in the online
modality, please be able to share in your updated syllabus, and with your students, what options you
will be providing them with to demonstrate competency for completion of your course.
Concurrent Enrollment: We are still working with our school districts on next steps for concurrent
enrollment. That is a complex set of conversations, as each school district is reacting differently to
the virus. We will have a plan announced within the week. For the moment, we will plan to
continue to teach classes at the high schools using face-to-face delivery, but next week but that may
Instructors: During the weeks in which classes are cancelled, we will pay instructors for their normal
class time, with the expectation that they use that time to transition to remote delivery. We are
developing a plan for supplemental compensation on a case-by-case basis if instructors need more
time for training or other work.
Hourly Employees: For the moment, hourly employees should report to work as they would
normally. As we evaluate campus services we may need to change hours, but we have not made a
decision yet.
Sick Employees: I will send another email with guidance for employees who ae sick. If the virus
spreads as some expect, we will likely have higher illness rates than usual, so every department
needs to make back up plans to cover essential services.
Events: We recognize that many student and community events are scheduled on our campuses this
spring. We will provide additional guidance soon, but most likely we will restrict large gatherings on
Travel: Please see my March 11 email regarding international and domestic travel guidelines.
These are decisions that neither Cabinet nor I make lightly. I know many of you have already done
great work to prepare for remote delivery of instruction or services. Thank you for helping all of us,
especially our students, manage a challenging time. I think these steps provide the best ways to
manage risk, avoid a sudden shutdown, and help students succeed. If you have questions or
concerns, please let your supervisor, vice-president or me know.
Andrew R. Dorsey
Front Range Community College
3645 W. 112th St., Westminster CO 80031

From: Dorsey, Andy
To: FRCC All
Subject: Message to Students about COVIF-19
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020 10:53:06 AM
Folks – I wanted you to see what students received, just in case you had questions from them. You
are free to share with them the information I sent earlier. We tried to keep the initial email to them
a bit more compact.
Dear FRCC Students,
As the number of COVID-19 cases in the state of
Colorado continue to increase, FRCC leadership, in
conjunction with the Colorado Community College
System, are taking steps to minimize risks to students,
staff and faculty and provide a way for students to
successfully compete their coursework.
Transition to Remote Teaching and
We are cancelling classes the week of March 16,
2020 at the Westminster and Boulder County
Campuses, and the week of March 23, 2020 at the
Larimer Campus. This will allow time for faculty and
instructors to transition classes to remote access and
work out the details of how we will continue instruction
in hands-on programs like welding and machining.
Spring breaks will continue as usual on all campuses;
essentially students on all campuses will now have a
two-week spring break.
All of our campus buildings will remain open during
this time.
Beginning March 30, 2020, classes on all campuses
will resume, mostly using online learning or
videoconferencing. Some classes will continue with a
combination of remote access and campus-based lab
time where social distance can be maintained. (The
CDC defines social distance as “remaining out of
congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings and
maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others
when possible.”)
Your instructor should be reaching out to you with
specific plans, but please contact them if you have
We expect that classes will continue with remote access
for the remainder of the semester, but will continue to
evaluate the spread of the virus.
Clinicals and Internships
Note that scheduled clinicals for health care programs
and other off site work may still continue during the
weeks that other classes are scheduled. We will update
students in affected programs individually.
Concurrent Enrollment
We are still working out the details of what will happen
with classes at high school sites. For the moment we
are planning to continue those in a face-to-face
modality, but we are focusing immediately on
Events and Services
Essential campus services will remain open and
available to you. This also includes access to computers
and computer labs on campus. There will, however, be
limits to the number of students able to access any
individual computer labs in order to maintain social
Student gatherings and on-site classes will typically be
limited to 8 individuals total, who will be asked to
maintain a distance of 6 feet apart. Large events will
likely cancelled unless they are able to be held
Student Employees
Student employees should continue to work at your
normal work location until further notice. Should any
changes arise, your supervisor will communicate with
you directly.
Questions and Information
Please continue to stay up to date by visiting the FRCC
COVID-19 Updates Website, and check your email and
FRCC’s social media channels for information on this
constantly evolving situation. Should you have any
additional questions, please email us at
FRCC.COVID19@frontrange.edu. We will be monitoring
that address to answer any questions.
This a challenging time for all of us. I appreciate your
patience and cooperation as we find the right balance of
reducing risk and allowing all of you to have a
successful semester. I know that there are still issues
we have not yet addressed, so please do not hesitate to
share your questions or concerns.
Andy Dorsey
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