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May 28, Diploma Pick up and Picture opportunity

The opportunity to take a graduate picture n front of CHS with diploma in hand has been organized to provide for safety and celebration given the current COVID conditions. Of course, we all wish we could TCB at the Lincoln Center using the CHS traditional Rose Ceremony That cannot happen this year for the 2020 graduates, nor is the French Field idea an appropriate venue.

I am asking that all staff, students, and families adhere to the following conditions during this event

  • Stay to your assigned time slot when showing up at CHS using Peterson street and turn right on Laurel using the parking lane. Grads that drive your own car, you will park on Peterson street, when it is your turn you will walk across the grass to the front of the school for your picture. Families will stay in the parking lane and drive to the front of the school and quickly get out of your car in masks to take pictures from the marked off area; it looks like a great photo opp. Promptly leave please to keep this moving.
  • Follow parking and driving directions, do not lag behind to prevent plugging up the process
  • Remain in cars until your turn for the photo opportunity is yours and use a mask outside of your car.
  • Grads will pick up your diploma from a table in front of the school on the path to the picture area. Please touch only yours.
  • After the picture grads will continue walking along the school to the main entrance to pick up a few other items.
  • Grads go back to their family car waiting in front, or walk around the building north side to their own car.
  • Please do not bunch up anywhere, follow the rules of our current situation.


Brock Barrett

Mya Brown

Jace Collins

Jovanny Diaz

Kiara Diaz


Keston Downing

Shamus Forbes

Alina Garcia

Mickey Hernandez

Cole Hooker


Michael McCue

Amelia MacDonald

Aiden McKee

Casey Norton

Rose Obrien


Joe Olander

Rose Pearson

Kaylynn Romero

Cal Skelton

Gavin Slane


Alex Sloan

Ridge Thomas

Tabitha Thomas

Emily Way