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Welcome Back CHS Dragons!!!


STRESS BUSTERS GROUP meets once a week, live, via TEAMS, on THURSDAYS between 11:10 and 11:40 .  Please feel free to drop in anytime or join us each week.

Here is the link



In this short ½ hour meeting group members learn more about how to combat everyday stressors like, school, work and maybe family as well as the

BIG Stressors, like remote learning, Covid, Fires and Ash conditions…..and more.

  • You will learn how to identify your triggers to stress
  • How stress effects the body, emotions and even our behaviors.
  • You will learn some tools that help you identify what you are feeling and how to respond to those feelings instead of react to them.
  • and more importantly we will practice fun skills that can help you to combat the everyday and the BIG stressors.

So if you are feeling:

  1. Overwhelmed with remote learning
  2. Worried about Covid
  3. Family
  4. Not sleeping well
  5. Angry or sad out bursts
  6. Other…?
  7. Or just need some positive fun activities with some amazing people

This group might be perfect for you!


Students and Staff,

If you need a mini break during your day or an activity to keep your energy going

check out the NEST online here:


click on “interactive NEST online”

Use present mode

Please contact Jo any time if you want to learn more about STRESS BUSTERS or the NEST online

GSA Club-

Hey Dragons! You’re all invited to be part of a new club launching this hexter at Centennial. We will hold meetings for the GSA Club on Tuesdays at lunch in Google Meets. GSA stands for Gay-Straight-Alliance, and we are an LGBTQIA themed club seeking to create connections and relationships across the expressive spectrum.

If you are interested in being part of this community, regardless of your personal form of expression, join our google classroom with join code: rs5enbg.

From there, every Tuesday, you can just link into our meeting during lunch from the google class stream. Talk to Cassidy if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there NEXT WEEK on Tuesday for our first meeting (September 8th).

ACE with Cassidy --

If you are working please email Cassidy asap (cmontoya@psdschools.org or msg me in TEAMS @cmontoya) if you want to earn electives for your paid or volunteer work.  


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Bell Schedule

1st Period Lunch 2nd Period
8:00-11:40am 11:40-12:10pm 12:10-3:50pm

Wednesday Bell Schedule

1st Period Lunch 2nd Period
8:00-11:15am 11:15-11:45am 11:45-3:00pm