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Jerry Kreisher

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About Me
What is your role(s) at Centennial High School.: 

 I am the Woodworking/Building Trades and Physical Education teacher. I also am one of the health and wellness coordinators.

How long have you worked at Centennial?: 

I am currently in my 9th year at Centennial!

What do you love about working at Centennial?: 

 It is the perfect job for me. My two favorite activities are athletics and working in wood. I also feel like I fit in well here because my drum doesn't sound like a lot of other people. (And I can sing and dance in class and that's okay!)

What is a hobby you have outside of school?: 

I love training for and competing in triathlons. I also like to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity both here and overseas.

What is one piece of advice you have for students of CHS?: 

See the beauty of life and pusue your (healthy) passions.