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Mrs. Kim Baldwin

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214-main floor
About Me
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I have been teaching at Centennial High School for the past 30 years. I have my Masters in Education in the area of Special Education with endorsemens working with students with Emotional challenges, students with Learning Disabilities, and in  Language Arts. I teach U.S. Literature, Short Fiction, Speech, and Creative Writing. This school year 2019-2020 is my last year teaching!

How long have you worked at Centennial?: 

Since 1989!

What do you love about working at Centennial?: 

I love the freedom to choose very interesting and relatable books for my students in Lit classes. Also, the opportunity to create my own electives, team with a colleague, and get to know students on a more personal level which is not only fun for all, but helps to foster positive relationships which is what Centennial is built on. Our school is based on respect and dignity for all, which is why it works!

What is a hobby you have outside of school?: 

Outside of school, I  played on a women's softball team for 20 years and now have a new partial knee,  I golf as often as I can, and I hope to spend much of my retirement in Florida. My backyard is my sanctuary, thus I truly enjoy watering, and enjoying the scenery. Finally, date night with my husband every Friday night is a nice end to every week.As part of my retirement plan, I got my esthetician license 7 years ago and I enjoy working  my business, Best Face Forward LLC, out of my home. These are just a few activities that I enjoy.

What is one piece of advice you have for students of CHS?: 

Come with an open mind,  be willing to fill your tool bag with new skills, and work hard to improve your academics as well as yourself!

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

In my classroom we build our norms together, so that we all have a platform for working respectfully with one another. In U.S. Lit we read in a large group, process in smaller groups or alone, and have plenty of time for discussions. In Speech, you will have the freedom to chose your topics, and Creative Writing provides hundreds of topics for writing practice-all of which are FUN!