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Centennial High School Attendance Policy

Consistent daily attendance is paramount to success in school and contributes to developing life-long habits for showing up and taking care of business. Consistent daily attendance also shows a student’s commitment to learning and earning a high school diploma.


  • 2 absences of any code (E, EF, D, U) = contract
  • 3rd absence = full drop
  •  It is possible for a student to lose first period only, if the student breeches their contract in first period only
  • An attendance contract is not necessary for enacting attendance policy.
  • Students will be allowed one day for one day to make up the work missed for all absences.
  • A student that has been out of class at least ten (10) minutes will be marked as “U”. The absence will be re-coded as needed upon communication from staff to the attendance clerk.

Tardy Policy

  • We will distinguish between TE and TU; doctors notes, court, meeting with staff member, other legitimate instances that are out of a student’s control that are approved by principal.
  •  2 TU’s = AB
  •  First period of the day, tardy = ten minutes
  •  All other class periods, tardy = two minutes.