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Principal: Kyle Stack


CHS Attendance Policy…

Beginning 5th hexter 2022, CHS will be returning to our longstanding attendance policy. We will provide allowance for legitimate COVID situations with the CHS Variance:

CHS is not in a hybrid Teaching and Learning mode. During Hexter 5 and Hexter 6 absences will be coded U, TU, until the absence can be changed to E, TE, or Q.

  • All students have 3 absences to use each Hexter; some will be excused, and others will remain unexcused. To move a U to an E students must provide paperwork from court, PO, doctor’s appointments, and other approved documentation OR a positive COVID test result. If a student submits a positive/negative COVID home test it must include the student’s name, the date the test was taken in pen clearly written on the test. ALL positive home COVID tests must also be reported by the student or parent/guardian to Larimer County.
  • If a student is quarantined and earns more than 3 absences, they will apply for a Variance through the Dean. Students must be passing their classes to qualify for the Variance. If there is a U before or after the Variance the student will not qualify for the Variance and will be dropped for the remainder of the hexter due to too many absences. At that time, students will problem-solve the remainder of the hexter with the Dean/counselor.
  • If a student has COVID symptoms and cannot attend school (U code until excused), they must follow the norms set forth by teachers to keep current in their classes. Teachers are not required to teach in remote/hybrid mode and will post their norms and policies on their Teacher Learning Pages.

We recognize there is a difference between symptoms and a positive test result for COVID:

  • A positive COVID test will require students to quarantine for 5 days.
  • Feeling poorly (symptoms) results in a day of absence and until 24 hours symptom-free. Feeling poorly can take up two of the three available absences for the hexter.

When a student earns 3 absences (U or E) in the hexter, they will problem-solve (Contract) with the Dean (a written contract is not required for drop) as is the cultural norm for Centennial.

Students will have one day to make up work after one day of absence, another longstanding CHS model. Some teachers will have the work posted, others will have it recorded, others will ask to get caught up on return; students bear the responsibility to TCB regarding absences, to communicate in Adult Mode, and to Produce work according to the skills taught in Discovery and our foundational culture.


Beginning Tuesday, 2/15, students’ parents/guardians DO NOT need to call CHS before 8 am to report absences. Students DO need to know and follow teacher norms and if ill follow the guidelines provided in these scenarios:

  • IF a student who is fully vaccinated and boosted or immune due to having had COVID has close contact (no mask and less than 3 feet for 15 minutes) out of school with someone who is positive, then the student needs to come to school.
  • IF a student who is NOT fully vaccinated, NOT boosted, or NOT immune due to NOT having had COVID has close contact (no mask and less than 3 feet for 15 minutes) out of school with someone who is positive, then the student needs to Quarantine for five days from contact and wear a mask for 5 days when returning to school.
  • IF a student stays home due to symptoms and tests positive, then that student stays home (Quarantines) for 5 days and masks up when returning.

A student who becomes sick at school will be sent home for minimum 24 hours.

All parents/guardians will open this link  and sign off in agreement of this policy on a yearly basis. If you need more information please call Kyle Stack, Principal, 970-488-4943 as we need agreement for your son or daughter to continue at Centennial High School.  Thank you for your support.  

All students with disabilities who qualify for special education and related services pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (“Section 504”) or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) are entitled to a free and appropriate public education (“FAPE”). In addition, students receiving services pursuant to the IDEA or Section 504 are entitled to receive FAPE in the least restrictive environment (“LRE”).

If a student receiving services pursuant to an IEP or Section 504 Plan accrues too many absences per this policy, those students will continue to be provided the same services available to them in their IEP or 504 plan. Prior to significantly changing a student’s placement in a 504 plan or IEP, a reevaluation must occur. Thus, if dropping a student receiving services pursuant to their 504 plan or IEP would significantly change their placement, a reevaluation must occur prior to such action being taken.

For further information, please reference the following links to understand your rights, and your child’s rights pursuant to the IDEA and Section 504.







PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.