Catch the Vision

Principal: Mike Roberts


CHS Attendance Policy


  • Students will receive a check-in call from their counselor after the second absence (E or U) in the same class.

  • Students will complete an attendance contract/problem solving after the third absence (U or E) in the same class.

  • Students will be dropped from the class when they get their fourth absence (E or U).

  • Students can be dropped from 1st or 5th without losing their entire schedule.

  • Students dropped from 2nd, 3rd, 4th will lose their entire schedule. If this happens, they can enroll in Morning Program Classes, or work/volunteer and Attend Reentry Class on (Date TBD).

  • Two tardies unexcused (TU) is equal to one absence (U).

  • Call ins for illness will require documentation (doctor’s note, or proof of negative/positive testing, court documents etc.) to be excused (E).

  • The first “D” in a class will not count against that class period's attendance total, however, the second D for the same class will count toward that period's attendance total.

Attendance & Drops:

  • Once a student reaches 4 absences in any class they will be dropped. If all absences are excused, they may apply for a VARIANCE. If a variance is granted, they will have one additional absence (for a total of 5) before a drop.

  • Students who are dropped from all scheduled classes will enroll in Morning Program or complete re-entry prior to the start of Hexter 2. Reentry Date TBD.

  • Patterns of illness and non-attendance may be moved to Problem Solving with the Dean or Mike.

  • An attendance contract is not necessary for enacting the CHS attendance policy; students can and will be dropped on their 4th absence without a Variance in place.

Attendance and Illness

In this time of COVID we must work together to keep each other safe and healthy by following the protocols in place by the district and county. You can access that information here PSD Fall Community Update

If you are not feeling well please do not come to campus.

Please contact the front office by 7:45 am to frontload your absence (970-488-4940). If there is no answer, we are busy checking students in and please leave a message. Include: name, date and reason for absence.

After calling the Front Office and leaving a message, communicate with your teachers that you have reported your absence to the Front Office to determine your next steps in making up classwork (work at home, zero etc.).

Per CHS culture and norms, we can and will work with you providing you communicate, front load and that you are prepared and following your teacher's class norms; i.e. use your skills

Consistent daily attendance is paramount to success in school and contributes to developing life-long habits for showing up and taking care of business. Consistent daily attendance also shows a student’s commitment to learning and earning a high school diploma.