Centennial High School

Catch the Vision

The Discovery program is a concrete, skill-based curriculum that has the power to create positive change in students.

Parent Discovery Classes will be during 6th Hexter.  Check with your student about dates and times.

Orientation usually lasts from 1-3 pm. The principal will present information regarding the school.

We will give out a packet at the end with any paperwork you may need.

We require the student to attend orientation and ask they have someone else there to support them.
No need to bring anythine to orientation.

2018-19 Orientation

Hexter 1: July 31, 1 pm sharp

Hexter  2: Sept. 11

Hexter 3: October 23

Hexter 4: December 4

Hexter 5: January 29

Hexter 6: March 26

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