Catch the Vision

Principal: Kyle Stack


The award of being a S.T.A.R. student at Centennial is a huge honor.  Six students are chosen by the staff once a hexter and are awarded this honor as leaders and role models for our school community. 

S= Shows Leadership

T=Takes Initiative

A= Assumes Responsibility

R= Respects the 6 P's

S= Solves Problems


Hexter 1 2021

Phoenix Delgado

Brooklynn Detienne

Skyler Ford

Reed Hughes

Joel Marquez

Keiry Mendoza

Hexter 2 2021

Evan O'Shaughnessy

Alice Post

Esme Fuentes Zamora

Russel Menten

Braulio Burgos

Shaina Shapiro

Hexter 3 2021

Garrett Dulany

Arissa Frikken

Hailey Ridnour

Robbie Caserta

Ramon Hernandez

Lexie Wallen

Hexter 4 2022

Spencer Austin

Ashton Bailey

Landon DeTeinne

Adriana Madrid

Dalton Symes

Maya Younger

Hexter 5 2022

Macie Kepler

Chris Barela

Dylan Cox

Jack Johnson

Ashlyn Walters

Natasia Trujillo