Catch the Vision

Principal: Mike Roberts


The Discovery program is a concrete, skill-based curriculum that has the power to create positive change in students.  Students learn and master the positive social skills necessary to be successful in school and life.  It works especially well for students considered at risk and has helped students from all walks of life.


A Nationally Recognized Program

Centennial's program is a nationally recognized, exemplary alternative high school program. Each year dozens of school officials from around the nation visit our school. Our program is used by 160 school districts in 15 states.

This entry-level program for new students meets five hours a day for six weeks for students to learn and practice specific communication and life skills. Students commit to the learning culture of the six Ps: Prompt, Polite, Prepared, Participate, Positive mental attitude, and Produce.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend 2 two-hour training sessions to learn the same skills taught to their students in Discovery class.